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They lived in many lands, including ancient Israel. <table align="right"><tr><td width="360"> <IMG SRC="images/miriamssl.jpg" WIDTH="350" HEIGHT="450" BORDER="0" ALT="Our Lady Miriam" ALIGN="RIGHT" vspace="10" hspace="10"> </td></tr> <tr><td><center>Mary Magdalene</center> </td></tr></table> Wherever they lived, the common people always called them  The Healers . The word  Essene comes from the Aramaic word  Assaya , which means  Healer . In Egypt, the Essenes were called  Therapeutae , which means  Healer and is the origin of the word  Therapist . Philo of Alexandria, in a book written two thousand years ago, wrote that the Essenes were not only the best healers of the body, but also of the mind and soul. In modern terms, they were  Holistic Healers . Not only did they heal others, they also lived a healing lifestyle that caused them to live to very advanced ages. The Jewish historian Josephus, in a book written two thousand years ago, declares that the Essenes lived to an average age of over 100 years, many reaching the age of 120. And that was at a time when the average age of death of non-Essenes was 45! <p> The very same lifestyle practices and spiritual teachings that enabled the ancient Essenes to live to an average age of over 100 are taught today by Essene Church of Christ. A type of vegetarian diet that the Essene Master Jesus ( Yahshua ) called <i>HaYesod</i> (that Hebrew term means  the foundation ) was the foundation of an Essene lifestyle practice called <i>The Sevenfold Peace</i>. Today, Essene Church of Christ teaches Jesus special version of the vegetarian diet ( HaYesod ), as well as <i>The Sevenfold Peace</i> and all the other important Essene spiritual teachings. Like the ancient Essenes, we believe in both God (Jah) and Goddess (Jahlah). We teach about reincarnation, but, like the ancient Essenes, our goal is to transcend the need for required reincarnation by manifesting angelic bodies that need not die and be reborn. That is what Jesus called  Resurrection . Like Jesus, we also teach about  Ascension , which is the advancement into higher heavenly worlds as a member of The Christ Family. We teach the ancient Essene yoga and meditation practices, as well as their martial art called <i>Zahyen</i>. <p> The modern Essene Church of Christ was founded by a man known as  Day (short for his birth name  David ), and is directly linked by apostolic succession to the ancient Essenes. In the 1970 s, as a teen, Day met an elderly Essene Master who had just come to America from Alexandria, Egypt. The aged sage was an initiate of an  underground (non-public) Essene Order that has existed since long before the time of Jesus. The elderly Essene sage was called Malachi, and had come to America to train a young person to found an  above-ground (public) modern era Essene Church to serve as an outlet for the teachings of the underground Essene order that he represented. Day helped the old sage form an Essene community and studied with him for seven years. After the seventh year, Malachi initiated Day as his successor and instructed him to found Essene Church of Christ. Also, Malachi gave Day custody of copies of ancient Essene scrolls written in Hebrew and Aramaic that had never before been available in English. Those scrolls now serve as the primary spiritual texts of Essene Church of Christ and are available nowhere else, not even from other  Essene groups. [At the end of this article is an Appendix in which Day describes his connection to Malachi.] <p> Essene Church of Christ is the only modern Essene Church that actually operates a string of congregations that hold regular church services. Other modern  Essene Churches are typically one man behind a computer screen operating a webpage church that holds no services. Essene Church of Christ is the only modern Essene Church that is actually linked by direct apostolic lineage to the ancient Essenes, and we are the only source of many of the most important Essene teachings, practices, and scrolls. <p> For those who want to study the Essene teachings in a deep way, we offer participation in <i><b>Essene Order of the Blue Rose</i></b>. That is the order that is in place at<i> Essene Garden of Peace</i>, our natural-paradise headquarters in Triangle Lake, Oregon. Studies are done via home study courses. Students may also visit our Mother Temple campus located at <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i> for special events or personal retreats, but are not required to do so. <p> <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i> was established by Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Yahshua ( Yahshua is the true name that has come into English as  Jesus ), to be a special order for only the most faithful followers of the Nasarean Religion of the Essene Way. You see, immediately after the crucifixion, many of the male followers of Yahshua ( Jesus ) refused to accept a woman  Mary Magdalene  as their leader. Magdalene, the rightful successor to Yahshua, established <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i> for those who remained faithful to her. She established the order in Israel shortly after the crucifixion, then escaped to France carrying the baby of her husband and co-Messiah, Yahshua. (They were legally married at Cana.) <p> Before we go any further, I should provide some background information on the significance of Mary Magdalene. According to the scriptures of the Nasarean religion of the Essene Way, there is both a Lord Christ and Lady Christ. They work together and are eternal consorts, in this world and many others. On Earth, they are known by the names  Jesus and  Mary Magdalene . Because the world was so patriarchal at the time the Lord Christ and Lady Christ came to Earth 2,000 years ago, the Magdalene was rejected even more fully than Jesus. <p> The idea that Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute is simply an erroneous Catholic legend. An early Catholic Pope confused Mary Magdalene with another New Testament woman who was a reformed prostitute, and that became Catholic belief. But never in the New Testament does it say that. In fact, Catholic scholars today admit that this Pope made an error. The New Testament does say that Jesus cast seven demons <i>out</i> of Mary Magdalene. But our scrolls say Jesus cast seven demons <i>off</i> her, not out of her. Seven demonically possessed men had jumped the Magdalene and tried to rape her. But Jesus came to her defense and cast the demonically possessed men <i>off</i> of her. <p> On the night that Yahshua ( Jesus ) and Miriam ( Mary Magdalene ) conceived their baby  The Holy Grail Child  he gifted her with her favorite flower: the Blue Rose. The Magdalene wore the Blue Rose in her hair when she conceived the Grail Child. The next morning, Yahshua was arrested and, three days later, crucified. After the crucifixion, Miriam, pregnant with the Grail Child, was rejected by many of the male followers of Yahshua, mainly those whom had been non-Nasarean converts from mainstream Judaism and were not disposed to accept a woman Guru. Soon, she fled to France with the Grail Child in her womb. Her most devoted disciples followed her to France, and formed what later came to be called the <i>Order of the Magdalene</i>, which was her devoted, inner circle of personal students. But the original name of the Order, chosen by Miriam herself, was <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>. That name came from the rose that Yahshua had gifted her on their last night before his arrest, the rose that she had worn in her hair during the conception of <i>The Grail Child</i>. Miriam saved that rose, dried it, and used it in the initiation rituals of the Order. This was appropriate, for, the inner circle of initiates within this Order become members of <i>The Grail Family</i>, and have a special relationship with <i>The Holy Grail Child</i>. <p> When Yahshua gifted Miriam with a Blue Rose for her hair the night before his arrest (the night they conceived the holy Grail Child), he told her: <p> <i> The Blue Rose is rare and greatly prized. Likewise a Loyal Friend is rare and is greatly prized. Wherefore, within our school, the Blue Rose symbolizes  Loyal Friend . But I now give this rose to you, Miriam, not only because you are my most loyal friend, but because I wish to please you. For, lo: blue is your favorite color, and roses are your favorite flower. And in this life you are a woman and I am a man, and I desire to please you in every way. For, truly, I love you in every way. This flower will look lovely in your hair. Then Yahshua put the flower in Miriam s hair, beside Her ear. And Miriam reached for Her man and embraced Him.</i> <p> We learn in <i>The Holy Megillah</i> that besides the various <i>Communions</i> with the Tree of Life, there are also certain<i> Sounds of Power</i> that correspond to each branch and root. We learn that the Communions are brief introductory prayers or affirmations that prepare one to chant the <i>Qol haKowach</i>, the <i>Sound of Power</i>, for a particular branch or root. <i>The Qol haKowach</i>, the<i> Sound of Power</i>, is a mantra given only to initiates. There is one of these special mantras for each branch and root of the Tree of Life. Within Essene Church of Christ, these mantras are given only to initiated members of <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>. Many other significant rituals and empowerments within Essene Church of Christ are available only to initiates of <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>. <p> Join <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i> and help prepare the world for the return of the Lord Christ and Lady Christ! You will have access to teachings available nowhere else! These teachings are life transforming! Join us in our effort to save this fallen world, even as we heal and transform our own lives! Live an extraordinary life as a committed disciple of Yahshua and Miriam, our Lord and Lady! <p> We are on the cusp of a new cycle on Earth, a New Age. The New Age will be an age of relatively advanced spirituality, an age in which the group consciousness takes a quantum leap forward. The New Age will be a solar civilization, making profound and creative use of the energy of our Sun. It will be a civilization dedicated to ecological harmony. And, as indicated by the prophet Isaiah, it will be a nonviolent, vegetarian civilization, returning to the original non-flesh diet given by God in Genesis. Truly, a New Day is about to Dawn! <p> But before the bright sky of the New Day dawns, a dark storm shall rain down. In other words, <b>THERE IS GOING TO BE A RATHER ROUGH TRANSITION PERIOD!</b> How rough? That depends on us! <p> Enough damage has already been done to the ecosystem of our Earth to ensure some degree of ecological collapse. That ecological collapse will cause an economic collapse and that economic collapse will be followed by socio-political chaos and war. Even if profound ecological wisdom were implemented immediately on a world-wide scale, some degree of the above scenario would still occur -- enough damage has already been done to the ecosystem to ensure some degree of collapse and chaos. <p> But we -- the  we who have  ears to hear and  eyes to see -- can work to make the degree of collapse and chaos less severe than it otherwise will be.  We are the  Way-pointers of the New Age.  We are the  called-out ones.  We are, in the words of Master Jesus,  the meek who shall inherit the Earth , the  Ripe Harvest of the closing age and the  New Seed of the age to come. <b>WE ARE THE ESSENES</b>. And long ago it was ordained that we help ease the transition from one age to the next. And so we shall! <p> As a link between the visible Essene Church on Earth and the ascended Essene Masters of the Temple of Light, our role, like that of Malachi, is that of "messenger". And we have a message <i><b>for you!</b></i> The message is this: <b>IT IS NOT BY  CHANCE THAT THESE PAGES HAVE COME TO YOU. YOU WHO ARE READING THESE PAGES ARE BEING ISSUED AN INVITATION BY THE ASCENDED ESSENE MASTERS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORK OF THE VISIBLE ESSENE CHURCH ON EARTH</b>. You are hereby invited to study the Essene Way, live the Essene Way, and teach the Essene Way. <p> <h3>The first step is to study the Essene Way. </h3> <p> If you have not yet ordered <i>Mattanah: The Nasarean Book of Genesis</i>, start with that. Enroll in <i>The 49 Petals of the Blue</i> Rose study course that is based on <i>Mattanah</i>. Through that course you can become a member of our <i>Essene Order of the Blue Rose</i>. This will enable you to study and receive special <i>Nasarean Sounds of Power</i>, as well as other important, life-transforming wellness teachings. <p> Contact us today if you feel called to  get going with your Essene studies. In our home study program, you work at your own pace. You may take as long as you need to complete your assignments. <p> Before concluding this brief introduction to our Essene Church and the Order of the Blue Rose, we will share information about three additional ways to study the Essene teachings with us: 1) By sending a monthly tithe of any size and receiving in return our monthly teaching called <i>Omnah</i>; 2) By Subscribing to our quarterly journal called <i>Essene Path</i>; 3) By visiting <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i>. <p> <h3>Introduction to Omnah</h3> <b>Anyone who sends a monthly donation of any size receives a monthly teaching epistle called<i> OMNAH</i></b>. Unlike our study courses, there are no assignments linked to Omnah. You are sent an issue each month to study as you like, with nothing to return to us. Again, you receive Omnah automatically if you begin sending a monthly tithe of any amount. This monthly teaching is written by Day, our High Priest. You need not be a member of our church to participate. <b><u>Just send your first monthly tithe of any size and include a note saying that you want to begin receiving the monthly teaching called <i>Omnah</i></u></b>. It is our hope that you will participate in <i>Omnah</i>. All official  members of our church are required to participate by sending a monthly donation. These tithes support the many good works and missions of our church. Please participate and help us spread the Essene teachings all over the world! The world is now at the brink of environmental catastrophe and the Essene teachings are needed! Help us spread the teachings by sending a monthly tithe! <h3>Introduction to Essene Path</h3> <p> We encourage you to subscribe to our quarterly journal of Essene living called <i>Essene Path</i>. Each issue includes lengthy articles on the Essene teachings by the leading Priests and Priestesses of our church. The journal also serves as a newsletter, in that it includes announcements about upcoming events and all sorts of interesting Essene information. Most issues include color photographs of our members engaged in various Essene activities. Subscribe today! Send a check for $25 or call: (541) 927-3017 <h3>Introduction to Essene Garden of Peace</h3> <p> Our headquarters and  Mother Temple are located at our natural-paradise Essene Retreat Center and Organic Farm called <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i>. Located on 35 beautiful acres in Oregon, we host Essene events and personal retreats, as well as hold regular Essene Church Services. Some of the events are open to the general public. Some of the events are open only to members of <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>. Typically, our Annual Summer Essene Gathering is held on the second weekend of August, beginning Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon. This Summer Gathering is a great opportunity to meet Essenes from all around the country and to hear talks by the leading teachers of our church. Also, this Summer Gathering always includes a Saturday evening dance concert to wonderful live music. Guests choose between sleeping in one of our fourteen guest bedrooms or pitching a tent. Our land is truly beautiful. Nestled in the coastal mountain range between Eugene, Oregon, and the coast, we have over one hundred fruit trees, abundant vegetable gardens, beautiful flowers, a water fall, creeks and a river. Rare medicinal herbs grow all over our land. Our 35 acres are a perfect balance of forested land and sunny green meadows.<i> Essene Garden of Peace</i> is staffed by members of <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>, including our High Priest, Day, and High Priestess, Neila Rose. The staff at<i> Essene Garden of Peace</i> receives room and board for their full time ministry, but no wages, growing most of their own food and living the ancient Essene lifestyle. In fact, unlike most churches, <b><u>no member of our Priesthood  including our founder  receives a salary or wages; ours is a volunteer ministry</u></b>. We feel that one of the big downfalls of religion occurs when you have a paid clergy who then compromise the true teachings for financial reasons. Thus, we have no paid clergy. Our priesthood is not motivated by money, we are motivated by <b>LOVE</b>. Your tithes help us spread the Essene teachings around the world and to maintain <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i> as a natural paradise Essene retreat center and organic farm, <b>not to pay ministerial salaries!</b> <p> The above is a<i> brief</i> introduction to <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>. To learn more, return to the front page of this website and click on the other articles offered in the Table of Contents. Some of those articles are more lengthy and contain more detailed information. on the Essene teachings.<b> ALSO, TO RECEIVE A FREE INFORMATION PACK ON THE <i>ORDER OF THE BLUE ROSE</i></b> by regular mail, send us an email requesting info to: esseneinfo@aol.com or write to us at: <center> <table class="one"><tr> <td><b> <br> Order of the Blue Rose<br> P.O. Box 160<br> Greenleaf, OR. 97430<br> Phone: (541) 927-3017 </b><br><br></td> <td>&nbsp</td><td>&nbsp</td><td>&nbsp</td><td>OR<br><br></td> <td>&nbsp</td><td>&nbsp</td><td>&nbsp</td><td> <b>Essene Church of Christ<br> P.O. Box 516<br> Elmira, OR. 97437</b></center> </td></tr></table> <blockquote><hr><blockquote> </center> <center><b> Here follows an account by our modern founder, Day, <br>on how he met his Essene teacher, Malachi. </b></center><br> <h2> The Founding of the<br> <nobr>Modern Essene</nobr><nobr> Church of Christ</nobr><br> and Our Apostolic Link to the Ancient Essenes </h2> <h3> By Day </h3> <IMG SRC="images/Nazariah_current_release.jpg" WIDTH="329" HEIGHT="256" BORDER="0" ALT="Brother Day, High Priest" ALIGN="RIGHT"> <p> This article describes how this modern Essene Church came to be founded, and how we are directly linked by apostolic succession to the ancient Essenes. This article will also inform you where to go for the best (most detailed) information on our teachings. <p> In regard to where to go for the detailed information on our teachings, let us take care of that right now. The best general introduction to our teachings is our <i>Book of Doctrines</i>. The word <i>Doctrines</i> means <i>Teachings</i>. That book describes our basic teachings, including vegetarianism, reincarnation (including how to outgrow the need for required reincarnation), and the fact that we believe in both God <i>and Goddess</i>. The <i>Book of Doctrines</i> also provides detailed information on Mary Magdalene and her relationship with  Jesus (his actual name was  Yahshua ). Another source of detailed information on various aspects of the Essene teachings are the other articles that appear on our website in the section titled,<i> Articles on the Essenes</i>. We recommend printing them out and reading them as hardcopy, as that is easier on the eyes! <p> While the Book of Doctrines is the best general introduction, the very best source for detailed information is <i>The Holy Megillah: The Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way</i>. We start our students off studying the first portion of <i>The Holy Megillah</i>, which is called <i>Mattanah: The Nasarean Book of Genesis</i>. That book gives a detailed account of the creation of the universe, as well as important information about the early history of our planet. Not only does it describe the Universe, it also describes the <br><b>YOU-niverse</b>. In other words, it reveals who <b>YOU</b> truly are, how you were created, who created you, and what your relationship is with God and Goddess. It describes your current predicament, and how to improve it. Also, <i>Mattanah</i> provides a very detailed description of our spiritual practices, including our yoga and meditation practices. It also describes our daily lifestyle, answering the question:<b> What does it mean to be an Essene Nasarean?</b> <p> <i>Mattanah</i> also describes the ancient origins of our church, and how our church has manifested itself in various stages of planetary history, often being hidden from the public eye due to persecution. Because the ancient history of our church is so well described in <i>Mattanah</i>, this brief article will attempt only the following: <p> 1) I will describe how I met my Essene teacher and how that led to the founding of the modern Essene Church of Christ, the only modern Essene Church with direct links via apostolic succession to the ancient  underground surviving remnant of the authentic Essene Order. 2) I will invite you to participate in the work of our church. I will explain exactly how you can get started. <h2> How I Met my Essene Teacher, Malachi, with a childhood Experience with Jesus and the Remembrance of the Magdalene </h2> <h3> by Day </h3> <p> <b>NOTE: Although  Jesus was actually called  Yahshua during his ministry on Earth, this article begins when I was a child and did not know that. Thus, I use the name  Jesus in this article. Also, the term  God as used in this article does not indicate just  Divine Father , but is also inclusive of  Divine Mother . </b> <p> When I was a young boy, an incredible, wonderful thing happened to me. Because that experience is directly linked with my "Essene Invitation", I will share it with you. To receive it, you must become like a child. <p> I was eight years old. It was Christmas Eve, 1966. My family and I were watching a television movie about the life of Jesus. As I watched Jesus heal the sick, feed the hungry, and hug little children, I fell absolutely in love with him. He was so nice! <p> But when the movie reached the point where Jesus was taken prisoner, savagely whipped and nailed to a cross, my joy turned to tears. I ran from the family room into the privacy of my bedroom and threw myself down on the bed. With my face buried in my pillow, I began to cry a river of tears. I cried and cried, and then, for the first time in my life, I truly prayed. I prayed that God would bring Jesus back to life. I had not seen the last part of the movie where Jesus did come back to life, and so I thought those mean people had killed Jesus forever! And so I prayed: <blockquote><i> "Dear God, please bring Jesus back to life! He was so nice! He helped everybody! Please, God, bring Jesus back to life so I can join him and be one of his disciples!" </i></blockquote> <p> I prayed those words fervently, from my heart, with one hundred percent conviction. <p> And then something incredible happened! I felt the presence of someone in my room. I lifted my face from my pillow and turned expecting to see my mother. But it was not my mother. It was Jesus Christ! <p> The first thing I saw was a ball of pure, white light. And then the white light became Jesus. So much pure love was radiating from Jesus that I could actually smell and taste it! Can you imagine what pure love would smell like? It smelled like a field of celestial flowers in blossom! Can you imagine what pure love would taste like? It tasted like honey from heaven! <p> After comforting me with words of love, Jesus spoke the following words of prophecy about my life and ministry: <blockquote><i> "Beloved friend, listen well. You shall do a special work for me. Indeed, you will be a bright sun by which my true teachings shall be illuminated. You will cast light on teachings of mine long suppressed by the merchants of death. Your life will be a blessing to many beings, human and non-human alike. </i></blockquote> <blockquote><i> "But first you must be trained: When the time is right, I will send a holy one to train you. You will know him when you see him: The eyes are the windows of the soul, and his eyes will reveal a gentle soul. He will radiate peace. When your training with him is through, you and I shall again embrace: This time I came to you; next time you will come to me." </i></blockquote> <p> As Jesus smiled serenely, his body once again became a ball of pure, white light. And then he was gone. <p> Who would be the "holy one" that Jesus would send to train me? I spent the next few Sundays watching famous television ministers preach. I thought that one of those famous ministers might be the one to train me. But as I watched them preach, I was greatly disappointed: Jesus had said that the eyes of the one to train me would reveal a "gentle soul"; but the eyes of the television ministers revealed only dollar signs! Rather than "gentle souls", their eyes revealed "greedy souls". I then began to visit the various churches attended by my friends; perhaps at one of these Christian gathering places I would meet the "holy one". But again I was disappointed: The ministers of these churches did not strike me as "holy"; rather, they seemed "phony". I decided to quit searching for the one who was to train me. I told myself, "Jesus will send him when the time is right." <p> Though we might not be aware of it, we are perpetually engaged in the process of spiritual training. The entire universe is a cosmic school system for the training of souls, and even our bad experiences contain spiritual lessons. But there is a special type of spiritual training called, <b><i>Intentional Training</i></b>. Intentional Spiritual Training occurs when we are aware of the fact we are being trained, and choose to participate consciously in that training. When a being makes the decision to participate consciously in his or her training, that being is said to be "on the spiritual path." It was that type of intentional spiritual training that Jesus was referring to when he told me: <blockquote><i> "But first you must be trained: When the time is right, I will send a holy one to train you." </i></blockquote> <p> My intentional spiritual training began when I was seventeen. One summer night, I was camping in the mountains behind my home. Instead of sleep, for much of the night I lay awake contemplating the seemingly infinite canopy of luminous stars, awestruck. Within myself I exclaimed, "What an incredibly vast universe!" As I lay there in rapture, many profound questions of philosophic and religious significance impinged upon my consciousness. The chief question, the one that most thoroughly occupied my consciousness, was: "Who am I!" I pondered that question for several hours; I was unable to answer it. In prayer, I asked Jesus to help me answer that question, and then I fell asleep. The very next day, Jesus sent someone who helped me discover the answer to that question. Jesus sent the holy one. <p> I met my teacher on the freeway. I was driving my car, and I saw him sitting in the lotus posture (a meditation posture) on the side of the freeway ramp. He did not have his thumb out but I assumed he was hitchhiking. At this point in my life, I had never picked up a hitchhiker; I was afraid to. But something about this particular hitchhiker seemed different. He seemed safe. His eyes were soft and gentle, and on the front of his white tunic were the words: <b>"BE KIND TO ANIMALS, DON'T EAT THEM!"</b> I figured that a person who would not hurt an animal, would not hurt me. I pulled over. <p> The hitchhiker climbed into my car. He said,<i>"Thanks, Brother!"</i> The way he spoke the word "Brother", I knew he actually meant it. I asked, <i>"If you were hitchhiking, why did you not have your thumb out?"</i> His answer seemed rather mysterious: "Because I was waiting for <i>you</i>." <p> It was obvious that this man was some sort of sage. His white beard nearly reached his waist, prayer beads hung from his neck, and in his hands he cradled a spiritual book as if it were a precious jewel. But it was not the long beard, prayer beads, nor spiritual book that caused me to conclude that this man was a sage. It was his aura of holiness. He actually radiated peace! He had a "glow" about him. You have seen those old paintings of saints with golden halos around their heads. Those halos are not only "symbolic" of holiness; they are actual representations of the spiritual light that radiates from such saints. As I looked at this holy hitchhiker, I perceived a subtle light emanating from him. <p> I asked, "Where should I drop you off?" He replied, "I am going to a vegetarian restaurant in El Cajon." I was seventeen at the time, and not yet a vegetarian. And so I asked him, <i>"Does vegetarian food taste good?"</i> He laughed a deep belly laugh, then said: <i>"It tastes much better than the body of a dead animal!"</i> He issued an invitation: "Come to the restaurant with me and I will buy you lunch. You can judge the taste of vegetarian food for yourself." Pleased at the prospect of continuing our conversation, I said: "Sure!" <p> For lunch I ordered a vegetarian version of a hamburger, a "tofu burger". And I had to admit: It did taste better than the body of a dead animal! But even better than the food was the conversation. Every word this man spoke had the ring of truth. I asked him about the spiritual book he was carrying. He said, "It is an ancient Essene manuscript that includes many teachings of Jesus that have long been suppressed by his enemies." And then I remembered the words of prophecy that Jesus had spoken to me when I was eight: <blockquote><i> "You shall do a special work for me. Indeed, you will be a bright sun by which my true teachings shall be illuminated. You will cast light on teachings of mine long suppressed by the merchants of death. Your life will be a blessing to many beings, human and non-human alike. </blockquote> <blockquote> "But first you must be trained: When the time is right, I will send a holy one to train you. You will know him when you see him: The eyes are the windows of the soul, and his eyes will reveal a gentle soul. He will radiate peace." </i></blockquote> <p> I suddenly realized I was eating lunch with the holy one sent by Jesus to train me! I asked him, <i>"What teachings of Jesus were suppressed by his enemies?"</i> He smiled and said, <i>"Three of the chief doctrines of Jesus that have been suppressed by his enemies are vegetarianism, reincarnation, and the feminine aspect of God. The whole list of suppressed teachings is much longer."</i> <p> He was very elderly so I doubted that he still had any sort of job, but I wondered what had been his life path. So, I asked: <i>"What is your occupation?"</i> He said he still earned a few dollars doing carpentry, but that was not his true occupation. When he told me his true occupation, I thought he was joking; he said:<i>  I help people find the way home. </i> Later I learned that he was not joking! <p> His birth name was Thomas. His background was as follows. He was born in America to Lebanese parents. They lived for awhile in the South, then moved to the East coast. When Thomas was in his early teens, his family moved to Egypt because his father had taken a lucrative job there. He spent most of his life in the Middle East, living most of the time in Egypt but also spending considerable time in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iran, and Iraq. In his late teens he became the student of a Nasarean teacher based in Iraq. The birth name of that teacher was Abdul, but he was known to his students by his initiatic name: Abdiel. Thomas was given the initiatic name Malachi by Abdiel, and studied with him for many decades. Abdiel was a member of an underground (i.e.  hidden ) Nasarean Order of the Essene Way. The Order has existed from before the time of Jesus, and has many times been persecuted by worldly authorities. Because of that long history of being persecuted, the Order maintains strict secrecy. The Order has preserved through the ages various Nasarean scriptures, as well as the authentic apostolic lineage and initiatory rites of the Nasarean Religion of the Essene Way. <p> The fact that Thomas was given the initiatic name <i>Malachi</i> is significant. In Hebrew, <i>Malachi</i> means <i>My Messenge</i>r. And that is exactly what Malachi considered himself to be: A Messenger. Specifically, he was the messenger of Abdiel to America. For, before dropping his body, Abdiel gave Malachi (who was by then quite elderly himself) a mission: He was to return to the land of his birth  America  and train a young disciple to found a modern Essene Church to serve as an aboveground outlet for the teachings of the underground Essene Order. This young disciple would be baptized into the living stream of Nasarean Essene Apostolic Succession. For, the underground Order of Abdiel is the very Order established by Lord Christ and Lady Christ in the Garden of Eden to counteract the Fall. And it was this Order that Jesus and Mary Magdalene incarnated into over two thousand years ago. And it is this order that will prepare the world for the return of the Lord Christ and Lady Christ. And that is why Malachi was sent to America. <p> Malachi arrived in the United States in the late 1960 s. He carried with him the teachings and traditions of the Essene Order, including copies of ancient Nasarean scrolls. Some he could read, others he could not, as some were written in ancient languages that he had never studied. Malachi was a saint, but not a scholar. He was not capable of translating the scrolls himself. That work would be for others to accomplish. He was the Messenger. <p> For various reasons, Malachi chose to enter America without alerting the authorities to his presence. He flew to Mexico and then walked across the border with a group of  illegal aliens . Many of these  wetbacks were sick or had wounds on their sore feet. Malachi healed them with herbs, love, and the healing touch. They called him <i>"Medico"</i>, Spanish for Doctor. That was the first of many nicknames he would be given in America. <p> He crossed the border near San Diego, California, and began walking the streets of hippy-era America (this was the late 1960 s  peace and love , anti-Vietnam war era, and the streets were full of longhaired youths smoking marijuana and searching for spiritual meaning. With his long hair and beard, the elderly Malachi was embraced by the hippies, who gave him various hippy-names. One of the many hippy-names bestowed upon Malachi was <i>"The Poet"</i>. That name was given to him because of his habit of peppering his  sermons with lots of mystical poetry that he seemed to compose spontaneously. <p> In the mountains east of San Diego, Malachi found an old abandoned hotel that had been condemned. The land was owned by an out of state real estate tycoon. Without permission, Malachi began camping on the land. He dismantled the old hotel piece-by-piece and then built a cabin. He then dismantled the old, cracked parking lot piece-by-piece, and planted beautiful gardens. He turned what had been an ugly junkyard into a paradise of natural beauty. <p> The day I met him he had been hitchhiking (he did not own a car) into town to eat at his favorite vegetarian restaurant. And now, here I sat with him, enjoying my first vegetarian  burger ! He smiled as he listed for me the many names he was called by the hippies. Each of the names seemed to fit him perfectly. I told him that the hippies were pretty good at choosing names. He laughed. (I used to call him by the hippy names  after all, I was a young hippy, with hair past my shoulders. But over the years, as I came to realize the spiritual significance of the name given to him by Abdiel, I settled on Malachi. For, indeed, <i>Malachi</i> was <i>The Messenger</i>.) <p> After lunch I accepted Malachi s invitation to visit his home. He lived in a cabin in the mountains east of San Diego. The land he lived on was the closest thing to the Garden of Eden imaginable. There were vegetable patches in the shapes of various spiritual symbols, oriental rock gardens, fruit trees, flowers in bloom everywhere, and a beautiful stream of bubbling water. The wild rabbits and birds that lived on this land had no fear of Malachi: The rabbits bounced happily around his feet; the birds greeted him with sweet songs. Nothing I write can adequately describe the Eden-like atmosphere that surrounded Malachi s cabin. Truly, it was beyond words! <p> Behind his cabin the holy man had built a sweat lodge out of wood and clay. After an afternoon spent learning the rudiments of yoga, I experienced my first sweat lodge ceremony. You will recall that the night before, while camping, I had asked the question: "Who am I?" During this sweat lodge ceremony I discovered the answer to that question. We entered the lodge, spoke some words of prayer, and then sat in silent meditation. From time to time a question would come to mind and disturb my meditation. Each time, the holy man answered the question, <i>before I verbalized it</i>. It seemed that he could read my thoughts! After about two hours of silent meditation, we began to chant mantras. Mantras are words of power, sound vibrations of great spiritual import. After a long period of chanting the sacred syllable "Om", the holy man asked me a question: </p> <blockquote> <i>"Who are you? , he asked.<br> "David </i>, I replied.<br> <i>"Who are you? </i> he repeated.<br> <i>"A high school student </i>, I answered.<br> <i>"Who are you? </i> again he asked.<br> <i>"An American,. </i> I again answered.<br> <i>"Who are you? </i> he persisted.<br> <i>"A body with a brain. </i> I was guessing.<br> <i>"Who are you? </i> he asked yet again.<br> <i>"The brain. </i> I said.<br> <i>"Who are you? </i> he demanded.<br> </blockquote> <p> All of a sudden I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from me. All of my veils were lifted: I was not "David"; that was just a name I wore. I was not "high school student"; that was my occupation but it was not my basic self. "American" was not my basic self. "Body" was not my basic self. "Brain" was not my basic self; I have a brain to use, but the very fact that "I" am using the brain indicates that there is an "I" that is not the brain. Only one thing was left. Only "I" was left. And that "I" was pure awareness, pure spirit. I looked into the eyes of the holy man and said,<b> "I AM"</b>. Malachi smiled and said, "Welcome home!" He then said, "Class is dismissed." I hadn't even realized I was in class! And in regard to the words "Welcome Home", I now understood what he had meant at the restaurant when he described his true occupation as helping people "find the way home." Having experienced myself as <b>"I AM"</b>, I had found my true home. <p> In the Mainstream Bible that most of you were raised on, God tells Moses:<b> "I AM the I AM</b>....Go to the people of Israel and tell them <b>I AM</b> has sent you." The Bible also informs us that, "God is Spirit". Thus, <b>"I AM"</b> is Spirit, the Spiritual Self. And the Bible makes clear that we are each an embryonic duplicate of what God is, that we were "created in the image and likeness" of God. Thus, each of us is a spark of the eternal flame of <b>I AM</b>, a spark of God. We are each a drop of the infinite ocean of <b>I AM</b>. <p> You do not have a Spirit that will live on after you die. Rather, you are a Spirit that will live on after you drop your body. This is a crucial distinction: You do not have a Spirit; you are a Spirit. In the same way that you wear clothes but are not the clothes, you also wear a body but are not the body. The body is the house you live in, but you are not the house. In the words of the Bible: "The body is the temple of the Spirit." You are the Spirit, not the temple. Always remember: You do not have a Spirit; you are a Spirit. <p> That first sweat lodge ceremony was a major turning point in my life. Having experienced myself as a spark of spiritual <b>"I AM"</b>, I chose to become a conscious participant in my spiritual development. I dedicated my life to spiritual practice. For the remainder of my seventeenth year, I regularly visited my spiritual teacher. When I turned eighteen, I moved into a cabin that he built for me next to his own cabin. Jesus had prophesied that this holy man would train me, and train me he did. In the limited space at hand, it is not possible to provide a full account of that training. But I will provide you with a brief overview of my spiritual training with the holy man. <p> My spiritual training was a dynamic balance of class study and field work. First I will describe the class study, then the field work. By the term "class study", I mean "formal class lessons in which I studied specific subjects under the guidance of my teacher". These class lessons occurred daily and often included such traditional teaching instruments as books, paper, chalkboard, lecture, and periods of question and answer. Sometimes class was held indoors, other times outdoors. The subjects I studied in these formal class lessons were all related in some way to spiritual practice. By the term "spiritual practice", I mean "yoga" or "true religion". Let me explain. <p> "Yoga" is a Sanskrit word that means "union" and implies two things: <p> 1) The conscious union of a being with God; and, <p> 2) The means by which that union is realized. <p> Number one above is the goal of yoga. Number two above is whatever we do that enables us to achieve that goal. <p> <b>ANY SYSTEM PRACTICED BY A BEING FOR THE PURPOSE OF REALIZING CONSCIOUS UNION WITH GOD IS A YOGA SYSTEM</b>. All spiritual masters teach a system of yoga, a way of realizing conscious union with God, <b><u>whether or not they use the Sanskrit term "yoga"</u></b>. Moses taught yoga. Buddha taught yoga. Jesus taught yoga. <p> Yoga is true religion. Consider the word "religion". The "lig" portion of the word "religion" stems from the Latin root "ligare" which means "union". When a being has fallen out of conscious union with God, that being is in need of a "re-union", a "re-ligare" ("re-<b>lig</b>ion"). The goal of true religion is conscious union with God (yoga), and the means by which that goal is realized are the various yoga systems taught by spiritual masters. <p> In my formal class lessons with the holy man, I studied all of the yoga systems taught by the great masters. I will briefly describe a few of those yoga systems: <h2> HATHA YOGA </h2> <p> Hatha yoga is a system of physical exercise that leads to the enlightened control of the body and mind by the Spiritual Self. Most people on this planet are not in control of body and mind (are you?) and therefore suffer the consequences: physical and mental illness. Hatha yoga leads to physical and mental wellness. Hatha yoga is considered the basic prerequisite to the other yoga systems, and only results in union with God when combined with one or more of the other systems. <h2> BHAKTI YOGA </h2> <p> The word "bhakti" means "devotion". Bhakti yoga is the yoga of nonstop, devotional worship of God. It is the practice of loving God so much that everything we do, think, or say is an expression of that love. In other words, our entire life becomes an act of worship. When we scrub a toilet bowl in the spirit of bhakti, that ordinarily distasteful task is transformed into a devotional act of worship. Bhakti yoga is characterized by devotional singing, often incorporating the chanting of the names of God. Bhakti is the <b><i>motivational context</i></b> in which we practice all the other yoga systems. <h2> JNANA YOGA </h2> <p> The word "jnana" means "to know." Jnana yoga is the yoga of true knowledge, of divine wisdom. It is concerned with the ultimate questions of life, because those questions lead to the ultimate answers. The practitioner of Jnana yoga asks such questions as: "What am I?"; "What is God?"; "What is the purpose of life?" Through contemplation and study, the answers to those questions become clear. But the purpose of inquiry is not "to know" just for the sake of knowing; rather, it is "to know" for the sake of serving. The better we know God, the better we can serve God. Jnana yoga is characterized by the systematic study of spiritual texts and spiritual discourse with fellow seekers. <h2> KARMA YOGA </h2> <p> Karma yoga is the art of flowing with, rather than resisting, universal law. The practitioner of karma yoga understands the spiritual axiom "As we sow, so shall we reap" (universal law), and therefore endeavors to sow only seeds of love, joy, peace, and mercy. Karma yoga manifests itself as creative work for the benefit of all. It is the yoga of work and service. <h2> RAJA YOGA </h2> <p> Raja yoga is primarily the practice of silent meditation. We learn to still our mind and experience the actual presence of God. This is the yoga of the crown chakra, the spiritual seat of "I AM". Raja yoga can only be effective when it is motivated by pure bhakti, by pure love for God. <h2> MANTRA YOGA </h2> <p> Mantra yoga is the yoga of <b>"THE WORD"</b>. It is the yoga of verbal prayer and invocation. It employs mantric "Words of Power" and potent sound vibrations, such as <b>"OM"</b>. In the beginning, was the Word.... <h2> LAYA YOGA </h2> <p> Laya yoga is the science of using the chakras to bring about progressively higher states of spiritual realization. It is the raising up, and transformation of, subtle energies via work on the chakras. This is the yoga of kundalini and tantra. <h2> ESSENE YOGA </h2> <p> Each yoga system listed above addresses one or more important aspect of the spiritual life and, therefore, can assist a being in the quest for conscious union with God. But I consider the Essene yoga taught by Jesus to be the most effective system of all. It is the most effective, because it is the most complete: <b>IT DOES NOT IGNORE THE OTHER YOGA SYSTEMS; RATHER, IT UNITES THEM IN ONE GRAND SYNTHESIS CALLED "ESSENE YOGA" or "THE ESSENE WAY"</b>. It includes aspects of each yoga system listed above (hatha, bhakti, jnana, karma, laya, mantra, and raja),<b> AND IS PRESENTED IN A SIMPLE, GRADIENT FASHION, SO THAT ANYONE -- EVEN SMALL CHILDREN -- CAN PRACTICE IT</b>. "The Essene Way" (Essene Yoga) was the spiritual practice taught by Jesus Christ, as revealed in ancient Essene manuscripts. It is the yoga system I currently practice and teach. In <i>The Holy Megillah</i>, the Hebrew terms for the various yogas are provided. <p> I previously stated that my spiritual training was a dynamic balance of formal class study and field work. The above are some examples of the subjects I studied in class. Now I will briefly describe the field work. <p> The spiritual truth I studied in class was given actual expression in field work. By the term "field work", I mean "hands on training in the community." The field work was systematic in that it followed a coherent, gradient pattern that was linked to my in-class studies. For instance, an in-class lesson on the subject of "service to the poor" would be followed by actual service to the poor in our community. And an in-class lesson on the practice of "remembering God in everything we do" would be followed by an actual endeavor to do so. Likewise, an in-class lesson on the ancient Essene practice of "hugging a tree" would be followed by a forest field-trip in which we <b>ACTUALLY HUGGED TREES</b>. (If you have never hugged a tree, I suggest you try it!) After each instance of field work, I met with Malachi and shared my observations. <p> Via this dynamic balance of class study and field work, I was able to gain both an intellectual and experiential grasp on spiritual truth. (This style of balanced education was employed by Jesus in training his disciples.) <p> At first I was the only student sharing the Eden-like 35 acres with Malachi. But shortly after moving into the cabin he built for me, I helped the elderly Essene Master form an Essene monastic community. Using recycled materials, we built a dozen cabins and other buildings; soon, "Essene Garden of Peace" was a thriving monastic community. My spiritual brothers and sisters and I began each day at dawn with spiritual study and yogic practice; the rest of each day was devoted to work in our organic garden, management of our recycling business, and occasional "spiritual field-trips". Many incredible -- and enlightening -- things occurred over the years at Essene Garden of Peace. I describe those amazing experiences in a manuscript titled, <i>Stories from Malachi s Garden</i>. <p> Over the years I lived at Essene Garden of Peace, I was the only student that stayed very long. The reason: The day began at 4 a.m. (we went to bed early because we had no electricity) and included many hours of hard work in the gardens! The traveling hippies that made up our usual membership loved to listen to <i>The Poet</i> talk about spiritual things but did not want to get up early and work in the gardens. Most stayed only a few days. Some stayed a few weeks. And a few lasted several months, but only a few. Yet I trust that they all learned exactly what they needed to learn, and took their lessons with them when they continued their journeys. <p> I lived at Essene Garden of Peace for seven years. Because the cabin that Malachi built for me was right next to his own, I had daily contact with him. I watched; I listened; and I learned. And then, one morning after our usual 4 a.m. meditation, my teacher informed me that I had graduated his highest level of training. He said that I must now begin my own career as a spiritual teacher. He said that he had taught me everything he knew and that I must now teach those things to others. Noticing my sad face, he smiled and said: <blockquote><i> "Christ sent you to me for special training. You have a special work to do for Christ, a very special work. My assignment was to train you for that work, and I have greatly enjoyed doing so. But that training is now finished. Today is your graduation day. I will initiate you into the spiritual fraternity that I represent. And then Lord Jesus will himself reveal the details of your special work." </i></blockquote> <p> I protested: <i>"But I still feel like a student! I am not ready to teach others! I still have so much to learn!"</i> Malachi placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and said, <i>"The universe is infinite. You will always have much to learn. But you have mastered much, and, most importantly, you have learned to love. Share your love with others."</i> <p> My face brightened a bit. But then my teacher spoke words that again brought sadness to me: <blockquote><i> "As you know, we do not 'own' the 35 acres we have been living on. An absentee landlord has permitted us to live here these many years, and for that we are very grateful. But he has now sold the land to a real estate corporation. That corporation is going to evict us, tear down the cabins we have built, uproot our fruit orchards, and pour pavement over our gardens. Like the song says, 'they take paradise, and put up a parking lot. I have been in communication with the corporation. They will deliver the eviction notice within a week." </i></blockquote> <p> Malachi, aware of the tears forming in my eyes, smiled again, saying: <blockquote><i> "This is not the end of Essene Garden of Peace. In another place, when the time is right, you and a select group of friends will resurrect Essene Garden of Peace." </i></blockquote> <p> My teacher then fulfilled his promise to initiate me into the Nasarean Essene Order. This Order is the original and authentic Essene Order established by the Lord and Lady Christ in the Garden of Eden. Thus the torch of Nasarean Essene apostolic succession was passed to a young American by Malachi, in fulfillment of the mission given Malachi by his teacher, Abdiel. <p> I felt then, and continue to feel, very inadequate to have received such a great blessing. I acknowledge that my receiving the torch was not due to any great merit on my part. Woody Allen once said,  50% of the formula for success in any endeavor is <i>showing up</i>. I was the only one that stayed long enough at Essene Garden of Peace to complete the seven year course of training. None of the other hippy students of Malachi lasted even one year getting up at 4 a.m. I actually <i>liked</i> getting up early and honestly enjoyed working in the garden and studying spiritual things. Most importantly, I loved the old Poet, Malachi, and sincerely wanted to help him. Other than these simple things, I had no special merit that would be deserving of such a blessing. <p> According to the holy man, I was now a spiritual teacher. I decided that my graduation "party" would be a night of prayer and meditation in the deep forest. After that night of prayer and meditation I would break my fast, as I was at that time on the fortieth day of a water-fast. I have had many profound experiences in my life, but that night was the most profound of all. It included an experience with Yahshua ( Jesus ) and Miriam ( Mary Magdalene ) in which I was given a life work to accomplish. That life work included the founding of Essene Church of Christ, and, in more recent years, the public remanifestation of <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i>, as well as the preparation of the first-ever English edition of <i>The Holy Megillah</i>. <p> After my baptism by the Lord and Lady in the Temple of Light, Jesus (whom I now call by his actual name, <i>Yahshua</i>) issued me the following holy orders: <blockquote><i> "Cast light on those teachings of mine long suppressed by the merchants of death. Illuminate, and disseminate, my true gospel." </i></blockquote> <p> The Lady spoke these words: <blockquote><i>  You will unveil the Magdal Eder [the Magdalene] to them that await Her. <br> But first, you must unveil Her to yourself. The Queen of Seven will be your guide. </i></blockquote> <p> Malachi had many times hinted that there was much about  Mary Magdalene that was not known by mainstream Christianity. But rather than tell me those things, he said that my assignment was to <b>remember</b>. I had not previously understood what he meant, but now I did. For, now I remembered! I remembered the Lady Magdalene, and that she is the Feminine Christ, the eternal co-Messiah of Yahshua, the Masculine Christ. But beyond that knowingness, I still did not remember the details. Fortunately, the details  including her words and teachings  are revealed in the now available in English <i>Holy Megillah: The Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way</i>. But this teenage experience with the Magdalene was many decades ago, long before the English translation of the ancient <i>Holy Megillah</i>. Like you, I had to wait until the <i>Holy Megillah</i> was translated to learn the details of her teachings. <p> The profound graduation experience I have just described was the end of one phase of my life, and the beginning of another. My seven years of spiritual training with the holy man, Malachi, had come to an end. Christ had sent him to prepare me for my work, and he had done so. It was now time to begin the work I had been trained for. <p> Malachi had spoken the following words of prophecy: <blockquote><i> "This is not the end of Essene Garden of Peace. In another place, when the time is right, you and a select group of friends will resurrect Essene Garden of Peace." </i></blockquote> <p> Those words came true! Many years after the first <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i> at which I studied with Malachi was turned into an apartment complex, <b>we now have resurrected it in the beautiful coastal mountains of Oregon</b>. Malachi passed away several decades ago, but his work continues through our church, headquartered at our beautiful natural paradise <i>Essene Garden of Peace</i>. <p> As a link between the visible Essene Church on Earth and the ascended Essene Masters of the Temple of Light, my role, like my teacher Malachi, is that of "messenger". And I have a message for <b><i>you!</i></b> The message is this: <b>IT IS NOT BY  CHANCE THAT THESE PAGES HAVE COME TO YOU. YOU WHO ARE READING THESE PAGES ARE BEING ISSUED AN INVITATION BY THE ASCENDED ESSENE MASTERS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORK OF THE VISIBLE ESSENE CHURCH ON EARTH</b>. You are hereby invited to study the Essene Way, live the Essene Way, and teach the Essene Way. <p> <b>The first step is to study the Essene Way</b>. <p> If you have not yet ordered <i>Mattanah: The Nasarean Book of Genesis</i>, start with that. Enroll in <i>The 49 Peatals of the Blue Rose</i> study course that is based on <i>Mattanah</i>. Through that course you can become a member of our <i>Essene Order of the Blue Rose</i>. This will enable you to study and receive special <i>Nasarean Sounds of Power</i>, as well as other important, life-transforming wellness teachings. <p> Contact us today if you feel called to  get going with your Essene studies . Those of you who have already ordered the<i> 49 Petals of the Blue Rose Workbook</i> need not make that call; just dive deeply into the workbook and mail us your completed assignments. <p> In our home study program, you work at your own pace. You may take as long as you need to complete your assignments. <p> As explained in great detail in the Introduction to the<i> 49 Petals of the Blue Rose Workbook</i>, after becoming a member of Essene Church of Christ you are eligible to participate in our <i>Order of the Blue Rose</i>. The  Blue Rose is an esoteric order within Essene Church of Christ that was founded after the crucifixion by Mary Magdalene. <p> Join <i>The Order of the Blue Rose</i> and help prepare the world for the return of the Lord Christ and Lady Christ! You will have access to teachings available nowhere else! These teachings are life transforming! Join us in our effort to save this fallen world, even as we heal and transform our own lives! 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