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Essene Study Course & The Holy Megillah     After many years of translation work, the first-ever English translation of the magnificent Essene Holy Bible titled, The Holy Megillah: The Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way is now available! Our most important Essene scripture, this sacred text is full of Essene information never before available in English. This first edition includes the entire Essene ‘Old Testament' including Mattanah: The Nasarean Book of Genesis, as well as the thus far translated portion of the Essene ‘New Testament' That Essene New Testament section is titled, The Holy Godspell, and features the childhoods and young adulthoods of Yahshua (‘Jesus' and Miriam of Magdala (‘Mary Magdalene', and includes hundreds of sayings of the Magdalene available nowhere else. The Holy Megillah: The Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way is only available from our church, AND IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PERSONS WHO FILL OUT THE ENROLLMENT FORM. The Holy Megillah is not available separately, only as part of the study course.

Essene Study Course & The Holy Megillah    

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Essene Books Translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.... The publisher of the books by Edmond Szekely has informed us that his books will be out of print and unavailable until further notice. As soon as they again become available -- a new printing needs to be done -- we will again make the books available. In the meantime, we suggest ordering our full Essene Bible, The Holy Megillah: Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way, described in this catalogue.

CDs and DVDs with Essene music and teachings

Black Madonna - Songs of Magdalene, CD
$15 (postage included)
Several years in the making, we released our new CD of songs about Magdalene at our recent Mother's Day event. The CD is titled, Black Madonna, Songs of Magdalene. Several musical artists and bands participated in the creation of this amazing CD, including a number of members of our church. Day wrote much of the title track - Black Madonna - in collaboration with friends David and Omni of Sunheart. The CD begins with an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL song by Joules Graves called Magdalene. Essene ministers - and well-known reggae stars - Jah Levi and Shimshai each contributed songs, as well as recording artist Heather Noel, a recent purchaser of The Holy Hegillah (Heather worked into her song many terms directly from The Holy Megillah, The Nasarean Bible of the Essene Way)

Saint Francis

Books/Booklets on the Essenes
by Rev. Brother Day, D.D.

Maglalene and Essene Jesus: A Cosmic Love Story by Day of Greenleaf, Book $36.99 ($12 postage & handling included)
Introducing Magdalene's Teachings on Tantra! - Read this book if you are interested in: The untold love relationship of Jesus and Magdalene! Their marriage and co-ministry! Their child known as The Holy Grail! The co-messiahship of the Lord Christ - 'Jesus' - and Lady Christ - 'Mary Magdalene! The mystical Nasarean Essene religion that used an alternative - and more ancient - form of The Biible and raised both Jesus and Magdalene! The lost - now found! - mystical sayings of the Magdalene - including her teachings on sacred sex (tantra)! Their time in India and the type of yoga They practiced and taught!

Cosmic Love Story

"The Essene Teachings: Doctrines of Essene Church of Christ", Paperback, $19.95
Learn about the modern Essene Church! Learn what we believe about vegetarianism, reincarnation, the feminine aspect of God, Heaven and Hell, and much more! Become a modern Essene!


Yes, we still accept checks sent by snail mail!

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